Club Duties

Duties are a condition of membership. They minimise membership costs, give everyone an opportunity to get involved and engender a community spirit. The success of the sailing club depends on the willing participation of the members and although the prospect of a duty day may feel like a hassle, most members enjoy the experience once the day is underway. It is important that you understand what is required from you during your duty.

The purpose of the crew is to: Crews must attend from 10am until 6pm unless otherwise advised. From May until August junior training starts at 11am, cover and support must be in place. Regardless of your role, remember that all duty crew members must work as a team to complete all jobs required. Please read through the Duty Checklist and if you are the OOD then print out a copy and fill it in on the day. With a little bit of preparation the day will run will run smoothly and everyone at the lake will appreciate your efforts.

Officer of the Day (OOD)
Race Officer (RO)
Safty Boat Officer (SBO)
Assistant OOD (AOOD), have a look at OOD and General Information.
Assistant RO (ARO), have a look at RO and the racing information.
Assistant SBO (ASBO), have a look at SBO.

Other Information
Basic Guide to the Radios
Emergency Plans

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