General Duties


Welcome, please sign in on duty log sheet. (Normally kept on the race table.)

A member of the committee will usually arrive at 10am and they will open up and give you the keys to the galley cupboard and powerboat sheds.

Safety Boats

It is good practise to have the safety boats ready ASAP. They are for safety cover for the whole day whether members are racing or not.


It is standard practise to leave the gas boiler on full time, so this shouldn't need to be touched.

First Aid

At The End Of Racing

At The End Of The Day

The clearing up will generally start about 5 - 5.30pm. All of the duty crew are expected to help and stay until the job is done.

It isn't necessary to be the last person to leave in the summer; people will often stay on for BBQ's etc. However please make sure the following tasks are completed.

Last To Leave...

Please ensure all gates to both boat parks are locked. If there are still members using the facilities than the nearest one can be left open. Commonsense will prevail.

Home to a well earned cup of tea!

Thank you

The committee.

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